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General conditions of export
Measurement of differences with KS 92/94

With the KS 92/94 a measurement and control of differences is possible.

Application examples:
Difference pressure x1-x2 with two absolute pressure transmitters (one can be supplied with the built-in transmitter power supply) Temperature difference x1-x2 with Pt100 or thermocouples (x1 direct, x2 via transmitter)

You have to use a small trick:

1. Select Controller type “Mean value generation” (C100, CType)
2. For x1 and x2 select pre-processing “Scaling” (C220, C420)

3. Adjust the parameter b (mean value factor) to 0,5

4. Adjust parameter m for x1 to 2

5. Adjust parameter m for x2 to -2

This is the resulting calculation:

If the single process values must be displayed, the signals INP1r and INP5r resp. INP3r must be chosen.

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