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General conditions of export
PRO 96-1

PRO 96-1

Universal program controller

  • LC-display (green/red) for graphics and text
  • BluePort®interface and BlueControl software
  • Optional programmer
  • max. 255 segments inmax. 64 programs
  • Plain text programswith 5 control tracks
  • Optional datalogger
  • Data, alarms, and events
  • Interfaces for:
  • RS 485 (Modbus RTU) and Ethernet (Modbus TCP)
  • Optional frontUSBport on the frontside
  • 5 operating languages
  • Englisch,German, French, Italian, Spanish

The PRO 96-1 is a cost-effective temperature
and industrial controller with
expanded functionality, including a
programmer and a datalogger.
The versatile LC display offers comprehensive
text and graphical
functions for simplified operation, reduced
maintenance periods, and faster

Main attributes
100 ms cycle time, i.e. also suitable for fast control loops
Up to three freely configurable analog outputs, e.g. as process value output
Up to 9 relay outputs
Customer-specific linearization for all sensors
Settings can be blocked via password and internal switch for high security
Extended temperature range up to 55 °C allows mounting close to the process
Modular design: The numerous possibilities this offers leads to a very wide range of applications, but with reduced stocks of spare parts
Easy 2-point or offset measurement correction
Logical combination of digital outputs, e.g. for general alarm
RS 422/485 Modbus RTU interface
Ethernet interface
USB port
Configuration interface
Optional built-in transmitter power supply
Splash-water proof front IP 66 (with USB interface IP 65)

further informations on request