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General conditions of export
KS 90-1, KS 92-1

KS 90-1, KS 92-1

Industrial and Process Controller

  • Two universal inputs
  • Day & Night display shows plain text and bargraphs
  • Manual gain scheduling
  • Self-Tuning to the setpoint without oscillation
  • PROFIBUS DPV1 fieldbus interface

Furnaces,ovens, burners and boilers
Plastics processing
Heat treatment plants
Thermal oil systems

Main attributes
100 ms cycle time
Valve controller with position feedback and DAC monitoring
Two freely configurable analog output, e.g. as process value output
Customer-specific Linearization for all sensors
3-point controller for water, fan and oil cooling
Built-in transmitter power supply
Rate of change monitoring (/min) and discriminator time
Splash-water proof front (IP 65)
Flat-pin connectors or screw terminals

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