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General conditions of export

Universal Isolating Amplifier TVST

Separation made easy
  • Does the PLC in your plant read signals that are not the result of changes in physical values?
  • Do you have problems with indefinable interference that affects your measurement results?
  • Must you transfer signals from explosion-hazarded areas into safe areas?
  • Have you to transform signals from tachogenerators to use them in PLCs?
Our isolating amplifiers and isolating power supplies TVST and TVST EX ensure safe signal transfer between explosion-hazarded and safe areas. Simultaneously, they provide galvanic isolation that eliminates e.g. the effect of cable-borne interference and/or potential equalizing currents. Just 22,5 mm wide, with universal energization (either 10...30 V AC/DC or 85...253 VAC), they can be retrofitted in a control cabinet without problems. Adaptation to existing process signals as well as conversion to other standard signal levels is extremely simple and convenient, thanks to slide switches. Possible load effects can be compensated by changing the settings for span start and span. Parallel current and voltage signal outputs permit the same universal use as found with the well-known rail line UNIFLEX CI 45 transmitters. Group II ATEX certification covers the Categories 1, G and D, classified as protection type EEx ia II C.

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