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Safety temperature limiter
STB 55
Safety first!

The safety temperature limiter STB 55 from PMA Prozeß- und Maschinen-Automation GmbH in Kassel is used wherever thermal processes need to be monitored, and the plant switched into a safe condition in case of a fault.

These devices are certified in accordance with EN 61508 SIL2 ("Functional safety of electrical / electronic / programmable electronic safety-related systems"), and are approved according to DIN EN 14597 SIL2 (replaces DIN 3440 "Temperature control and limiting devices for heat generating systems").

Consequently, they can be used as:
  • Safety temperature limiters (STB)
  • Waste gas temperature limiters (ASTB)
  • Safety temperature monitors (STW).
If the permissible temperature limit is reached or if a fault occurs in the monitoring equipment within the permissible temperature range (sensor break or short circuit, failure of a component within the device, fault in the software, failure or impermissible value of the supply voltage, etc.), the STB 55 switches off immediately. The alarm contact is activated, the "ALARM" LED in the front panel and the background lighting of the display light up, and the cause of the alarm appears in the display in plain text. In addition, a 24 VDC signal for external alarm signalling is available at two terminals.

Operation of the STB 55 is via 4 keys, and the slim (50 mm) unit clips onto standard "top-hat" DIN rails. The input circuit is designed for connecting either dual thermocouples or Pt 100 sensors in three-wire connection. The LC display shows the adjusted limit value and the actual process value.

More detailed information on the STB 55 is given in the data sheet and the operating instructions form PMA.

Photo shows the perspective front view of the STB 55 with activated display in the alarm condition.

More Information:

PMA Prozeß- und
Maschinen-Automation GmbH
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Marcom Dept.
Miramstr. 87
D-34123 Kassel
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Fax: ++49-561-505 1710

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STB 55