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Transmitter for load cells, strain gauges, and melt pressure sensors

With its new UNIFLEX SG 45 transmitter from the rail line family, PMA Prozeß- und Maschinen-Automation GmbH, Kassel, Germany presents a compact unit that measures the signals from directly connected strain-gauge bridge sensors with a high 23-bit resolution. As the sensor bridge is energized by the unit, there is no need for an external supply.

For industrial weighing applications, up to four load cells can be connected. When connecting a pressure sensor, e.g. for melt pressure measrement in a plastic extruder, the integrated switch contact for the 80% calibration proves to be an important and practical feature of this universal transmitter for strain-gauge input.

Apart from signal evaluation via the inter-module communication in the top-hat DIN rail (to Modbus RTU or to the rail line field bus coupler), the SG 45 also has a universal analog output (14-bit resolution) with parallel standard current & voltage signals, plus two limit monitoring relays.

What's more, with its very fast response time (50 ms cycle time), the UNIFLEX SG 45 is ideally suited for fast signals. Thanks to standard galvanic isolation, the unit also provides reliable decoupling of electrical signals for subsequent analog and digital processing.

In addition to the typical functions required for weighing application, such as dead load compensation and tare adjustment, the SG 45 offers the possibility of "zero setting with adjustable limit value", enabling it to be adapted easily to application-specific situations. The individual linearization function even permits special sensors to be connected, e.g. for non-linear level monitoring applications.

The compact unit (only 22,5 mm wide) is simply clipped to a top-hat DIN rail, whereby the electrical connections are made via plug-in spring clamp or screw terminals. It has a dual-line LC display with additional display elements for operating status and fault signalling, features convenient 3-key operation, and like all rail line modules, the integrated BluePort® permits direct connection to a laptop. The BlueControl® Engineering Tool is used for adjusting and saving all parameters.

Typical application areas are all types of industrial weighers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, and beverage industries, as well as for agricultural produce, mining, bulk goods handling, construction materials, etc. When used with pressure sensors, applications on extruders for plastics and foodstuffs/animal feed should be mentioned in particular. Here, the unit works reliably with melt pressure sensors, supervises important process values, and also provides signals e.g. for monitoring melt filters.

More Information:

PMA Prozeß- und
Maschinen-Automation GmbH
Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Marschall
Marcom Dept.
Miramstr. 87
D-34123 Kassel
Tel.: ++49-561-505 1243
Fax: ++49-561-505 1710

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