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Universal program controller
PRO 96-1
Programmer - Data logger - Ethernet

The powerful and versatile new program controller PRO 96-1 is the first product that has been developed jointly by PMA Prozeß- und Maschinen-Automation GmbH in Kassel and the affiliated companies in the UK.

Installed in a 96 mm DIN housing, this compact single-loop controller can be fitted with a wide range of input/output modules, communication interfaces, and other options, enabling it to be adapted precisely to the individual requirements encountered in thermal processes.

Of particular interest are the clear user instructions for operating the programmer functions, with graphical displays for monitoring the control profile and output signal(s) in furnace and laboratory applications. Also available is a real-time clock for a defined program start, which also permits a defined re-start and continuation of the program in case of a mains supply failure. Bargraphs visualize both the program and the active segment. Up to 64 programs/recipes with 255 segments each can be stored in the internal memory.

The data logger function permits recording intervals between 1 secs and 30 mins to be freely selected, whereby the process values, mean values, and alarms with time stamps stored in the internal Flash memory (ring memory, FIFO, or selectable ROM in case of batches) are accessible via the COM ports or the front panel USB socket in the form of a *.csv file for further processing. Moreover, all stored data can be displayed as trend curves and as alarm lists in plain text for on-site analysis.

For the first time in a device of this class, the PRO 96-1 has an optional Ethernet port (RJ45 socket) with Modbus TCP protocol as an alternative for the previous RS 485 Modbus RTU standard. This makes the program controller suitable for network integration.

Depending on operating conditions, the "day&night" display - well-known from the KS 98-1 multi-function unit - changes the background or the display colour from red to green, or inverse, which not only highlights e.g. alarm conditions, but also visualizes specific operating steps clearly and unambiguously.

The user can scroll through the menus, and ticker texts provide operating notes for increased attention. Two languages are selectable for the plain text messages (currently available are GB, D, F, I, E), whereby switchover is possible during operation. This eliminates the need for tedious leafing through separate operating instructions during configuration and operation in order to obtain situation-related information. Also provided for the first time by PMA is a Setup Wizard for valuable and time-saving support during initial commissioning on site.

Of course, also the PRO 96-1 can be configured and parametrized in advance by means of PMA's standard BlueControl® tool and a laptop or PC, as well as conducting extensive bench testing in the simulation mode. For this, the unit is fitted with a separate engineering port in the front panel.

Also very practical is the possibility of downloading/uploading the configuration data from a USB memory stick, which can be plugged into the front USB socket that is designed for rough industrial environments. The same USB socket can be used to save the data logger files onto a USB stick. A special rubber seal provides IP 65 protection (splash water) for the entire controller front.

For its control functions, the PRO 96-1 uses the established and proven PID algorithm. It can be configured as a continuous or switching controller (2 or 3-point for heating/cooling), whereby the outputs are available and combinable for continuous, logic, relay or triac control signals. Another special feature is the robust and automatic self-tuning function during first commissioning. Several additional analog and digital inputs as well as transmitter supply signals put a finishing touch to the unit.

With this new program controller PRO 96-1, PMA now offers a particularly convenient solution for demanding single-loop control tasks, which combines the advantages of modular mass-produced devices with the features of individual high-end equipment in an unusually attractive price/performance package.

Further details on the PRO 96-1 are given in the data sheet and the flyer.

The press photo shows the new program controller PRO 96-1 with its characteristic graphic display, and a USB stick being inserted for retrieval of the data logger files.

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