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New KSvario BT operating terminals
Multi-temperature controller for up to 30 zones
Cost-effective solutions with 4 to 30 control loops
Temperature control at your fingertips

For applications with many temperature control loops, the multi-controller KSvario BT from PMA Prozeß- und Maschinen-Automation GmbH in Kassel, Germany can be adapted perfectly. Based on the KSvario module, this new controller can handle 30 zones. Hereby, different sensors can be connected, and different control modes selected per zone. A Modbus interface connects to the rugged, easy-to-read KSvario BT operating terminal. In this way, you get a multi-loop controller with all the necessary sequencing functions without the need for additional hardware - at a particularly attractive price.

Previously, the operating terminal for the KSvario multi-controller was fitted with a 5,7-inch touch screen. Now, with the new 12-inch unit, all 30 zones can be displayed on a single screen, and even be operated with gloved hands.

If your system only has a few control zones, or if operation is only required occasionally - e.g. for a quick on-site control cabinet test - the much smaller (and cheaper) but sharp image of a 3.5-inch TFT display is perfectly adequate.

Thanks to the integrated resistive 'touch' surface of the fully graphic display, configuration of the control loop parameters is a simple matter via direct selection buttons and a menu dialog. Three password levels are provided for accessing separate display screens for overall survey, controller settings, trend displays, and alarms - with a choice of three operating languages.

At the function level, you benefit from PMA's more than 20 years of experience for the highly convenient operation of a multi-controller system: From the optimization of control parameters up to the practice-oriented simultaneous operation of several zones by means of group assignments, the flexible performance of PMA technology is more than evident.

As a result, the KSvario BT is ideally suited for all temperature control tasks on plastic processing machines and co-equipment, with peripheral devices ranging from material supply with pipe heating to driers and cooling units, etc. Also in all other industrial applications, the KSvario BT is featured by the compact design of its two modules.

The picture 'press photo 1' shows the modular multi-controller KSvario mounted on a 'top-hat' DIN rail, and the three different TFT screen sizes that are available for the operating terminal with touch panel. Also visible are the practice-oriented display layouts for the intuitive, graphical Windows-type user interface.

Here you'll find to more detailed information.

More Information:

PMA Prozeß- und
Maschinen-Automation GmbH
Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Marschall
Marcom Dept.
Miramstr. 87
D-34123 Kassel
Tel.: ++49-561-505 1243
Fax: ++49-561-505 1710

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