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Hot-runner controller HRCslot

Hot at work in the group!
Single-loop controllers grouped in a new housing

At the FAKUMA 2008, the HRCslot hot-runner controllers made by PMA Prozeß- und Maschinen-Automation GmbH in Kassel will be presented in several new housing versions. Thanks to the compact plug-in design, a standard 19-inch 3HU housing now accepts up to 10 controllers - two more than with PMA's previous KS 50 HRC. Also available are dual and triple-height housings for up to 20 or 30 plug-in controllers. In order to accommodate fewer zone controllers for smaller hot-runner systems, PMA will also exhibit shorter versions for max. three controllers or 7 and 14 zones.

Common to all versions is the narrow keypad at the right, containing the operating keys and status displays for the respective controller group. For example, pressing a single key triggers "load enable" and "load disconnect" for "heating start/stop", the boost function (freeing blocked nozzles), and the switchover to standby during production pauses. Additional displays provide visual indications of the common alarm status and the signals to the machine (injection enable, etc.). Moreover, unused controllers can be disabled individually and very easily via the front panel keys. Each controller monitors the temperature tolerances, heating current, and possible short-circuited SSRs. In case of a sensor break, the controller switches into an emergency operating mode, thus preventing an immediate switch-off of the affected zone. This provides enough time for troubleshooting and repair. In summary, the units provide a functionality that previously was reserved for systems with display screen.

With the HRCslot, PMA offers a controller that automatically controls both slow-response blocks as well as very fast nozzles/cartridges. Thanks to its service-friendly design - plug-in module complete with 15 A power output and motherboard technology - the HRCslot is more cost-effective than conventional single-loop controllers both in terms of initial purchase and in operation, because there is no need for internal wiring.

Especially for OEM applications, PMA offers the possibility of individually designed front panels, i.e. to match the customer's corporate identity.

Further information is provide in the detailed data sheets for the HRCslot, and for the fully pre-wired multi-zone applications based on the different housing versions.

The press photo shows the HRCslot controller in a selection of various zone combinations.

More Information:

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Maschinen-Automation GmbH
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