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10.11.08 PMA-Info 2/2008

A selection of our novelties is described in the downloadable issue of our Newsletter PMA-Info 2/2008. For each of the topics presented in the Newsletter, a link at the end of the text leads to the corresponding brochures and data sheets.

You also can order the hardcopy of the newsletter and any other informations here.
01.10.08 Universal program controller - PRO 96-1

The powerful and versatile new program controller PRO 96-1 is the first product that has been developed jointly by PMA Prozeß- und Maschinen-Automation GmbH in Kassel and the affiliated companies in the UK.

Installed in a 96 mm DIN housing, this compact single-loop controller can be fitted with a wide range of input/output modules, communication interfaces, and other options, enabling it to be adapted precisely to the individual requirements encountered in thermal processes. Learn more about such features like clear user instructions for operating the programmer functions, with graphical displays for monitoring the control profile and output signal(s) in furnace and laboratory applications, data logger function, Ethernet port , ...
01.10.08 Safety temperature limiter STB 55 - Safety first!

The safety temperature limiter STB 55 from PMA Prozeß- und Maschinen-Automation GmbH in Kassel is used wherever thermal processes need to be monitored, and the plant switched into a safe condition in case of a fault.

These devices are certified in accordance with EN 61508 SIL2 ("Functional safety of electrical / electronic / programmable electronic safety-related systems"), and are approved according to DIN EN 14597 SIL2 (replaces DIN 3440 "Temperature control and limiting devices for heat generating systems").

Consequently, they can be used as:
- Safety temperature limiters (STB)
- Waste gas temperature limiters (ASTB)
- Safety temperature monitors (STW)
23.09.08 Hot-runner controller HRCslot - Hot at work in the group!

Single-loop controllers grouped in a new housing

At the FAKUMA 2008, the HRCslot hot-runner controllers will be presented in several new housing versions. Further information is provide in the detailed data sheets for the HRCslot, and for the fully pre-wired multi-zone applications based on the different housing versions.
02.07.08 New feature article

New perspectives for the automation of thermal processes

Functions and tasks formerly the preserve of process-control and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) can now also be implemented cost-efficiently using smaller, more compact automation units. The combination of high-brilliance displays, high-performance PC technology, serial interfaces, decentralized I/O systems, high-capacity data-base libraries incorporating control and regulation functions, and easy-tohandle engineering and commissioning tools, open up new potentials for high-quality automation.

Published in Heat Processing, issue 2-2008, page 132 -134, autor Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Vogelei
19.06.08 PMA-Info 1/2008

A selection of our novelties is described in the downloadable issue of our Newsletter PMA-Info 1/2008. For each of the topics presented in the Newsletter, a link at the end of the text leads to the corresponding brochures and data sheets.

You also can order the hardcopy of the newsletter and any other informations here.
12.06.08 New KSvario BT operating terminals.

Now also larger or smaller!
New KSvario BT operating terminals
30-channel temperature controller

Previously, the operating terminal for the KSvario multi-controller was fitted with a 5,7-inch touch screen display. Controller operation is designed for the max. 30 zones of a KSvario module. Now it is possible to display all the zones on one screen - and the new 12-inch operating terminal even permits them to be operated with a gloved hand.

If your application only has a few control zones, or if operation is only required rarely - e.g. during a quick check of the control cabinet on site - it is likely that a smaller (and cheaper) but still sharp 3,5-inch TFT display will be adequate.

Here you'll find more detailed information.
12.06.08 TouchPanel PLCs: Extended SmartPanel PLC series.

Extended SmartPanel PLC series.

The industrial units of the TPC range with PLC functionality are now available in four versions. They come with colour TFT display screens with the following diagonals:
  • 3"
  • 5,7"
  • 12"
  • 15"
As a result, we now have a range of high-performance units for PLC functions with convenient visualization and operation. Please see the data sheet for further details.
18.04.08 Invitation

PMA at Hanover fair 2008

Hall 9 Stand F 27

Many novelties, interesting applications, and topical information from PMA! Why not visit us at the Hanover Fair 2008? From 21th to 25th April 2008 we will be presenting the "Industrial Automation" highlights from PMA - as always in Hall 9, Stand F 27.

Our product managers and sales engineers look forward to welcoming you at our stand, where we can provide all the details about our new products.
08.04.08 New feature article

Russian version of the feature article
"Modernization of Extruders - Ready-to-connect automation system Part 1"
published in
"World of Plastics Russia", 1/2008, Page 38-43, VM Verlag
12.03.08 UNIFLEX SG45 - Precise measurement of force effects

Transmitter for load cells, strain gauges, and melt pressure sensors

With its new UNIFLEX SG 45 transmitter from the rail line family, PMA Prozeß- und Maschinen-Automation GmbH, Kassel, Germany presents a compact unit that measures the signals from directly connected strain-gauge bridge sensors with a high 23-bit resolution. As the sensor bridge is energized by the unit, there is no need for an external supply.

For more information click here
06.03.08 New feature article

Modernization of extruders - Ready-to-connect automation system - Part 1

Published in EXTRUSION 1/2008, VM-Verlag, Germany, Page 30-33
by Dipl.Ing. Ulrich Marschall
PMA Prozeß- und Maschinen-Automation GmbH, Germany
05.03.08 KS1x8-Family - New generation grows considerably

New generation grows considerably.

The compact automation solution KS 108 is now also available with larger touchpanels instead of the 5,7-inch unit.
05.03.08 Seperation made easy - Universal Isolating Amplifier TVST

Separation made easy
  • Does the PLC in your plant read signals that are not the result of changes in physical values?
  • Do you have problems with indefinable interference that affects your measurement results?
  • Must you transfer signals from explosion-hazarded areas into safe areas?
  • Have you to transform signals from tachogenerators to use them in PLCs?
Our isolating amplifiers and isolating power supplies TVST and TVST EX ensure safe signal transfer.
05.03.08 Perfect atmosphere

Lambda sensors are used to measure oxygen in the waste gas of thermal treatment plants. These special sensors can be connected directly to PMA equipment. Together with a PMA controller, this enables you develop concepts for the optimal reduction of the environmentally harmful CO2 content.
17.01.08 Fair participation 2008

Please note the following time table:

International fairs with participation of PMA and partners
Please mark in your calender.
The data will be updated.
Further information will come in time!