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Actual information:

PMA-Info 2/2008 download pdf
News, applications and current information
PMA-DVD 2008/10
Product information, data sheets, software tools
varioPLC download pdf

rail line UNIFLEX SG 45 download pdf
Transmitter for load cells / melt pressure
Hot-Runner-Control HRC download pdf
varioECmodular download pdf

Please select the Information:

PMA-Info 1/2008 download pdf
News, applications and current information
PMA-Info 2/2007 download pdf
News, applications and current information
PMA-Info 1/2007 download pdf
News, applications and current information
Process and Machinery Automation
Survey of measurement technology, control technology, automation system P-open
PMA-Info 2/2006 download pdf
News, applications and current information
PMA-Info 1/2006 download pdf
News, applications and current information
PMA-Info 2/2005
News, applications and current information
PMA-Info 1/2005
News, applications and current information

Please select the flyers:

Booklet KS 108 download pdf

RL 400 I/O-System download pdf

Solid State Relays
Packaged power
Comprehensive range of compact solid state power relays
OPC Server
One server for various protocols
Extruder automation
KS 98-1 advanced
The compact automation station for processing industries
Series G300 download pdf
Short and fast - Pressure transmitter
KS 90-1 and KS 92-1
Industrial & process controllers in the BluePort® class
System Field bus coupler rail line
Cost-effective network integration
The standard Engineering Tool for all BluePort-devices
TB 45 rail line
Temperature limiter
KS vario BT
Cost-effective solution for 4-30 control loops
Data Monitor KS 3005
Save costs through direct networking
PMA Tune
Engineering Tool for determining control parameters
Universal Controller KS 45 rail line
Top-hat rail mounting reduces installation costs
Uniflex CI 45 rail line
Universal transmitter for top-hat rail mounting

Please select the brochures:

Clear perspectives with KS 108 download pdf
The new format for process & machine automation
Innovations in control technology
KS Vario
Multi loop controller system
Vario I/O
Variable I/O-System - modular-intelligent-open
BluePort opens the way to easy control
Universal controllers, temperature controllers, process controllers, program controllers
Machine automation with P-open
Modules for de-centralized solutions, PU 10x, IO 100/300, KS 800/816, DC 150

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